The City of Westwood, Kansas 

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Below you will find frequently requested applications and forms as well as the ordinances or policies that pertain to them. All forms are in PDF form and can be opened with Adobe Reader, if you do not have this program you can download it here.

  Building Permit Application

It is the City of Westwood's intent to ensure the safety of residents, their families and their guests through the permit system.  The City of Westwood provides inspection services to the cities of Mission Woods and Westwood Hills.  Permits are required for most work done in the three cities and some work may require review by the Planning Commission or an Architectural Review Board; however, most work (driveway replacement, roofing, siding replacement, electrical and plumbing updates, furnace and a/c replacements) can be reviewed by the Building Inspector and permits can be issued on the same day the application is received.

  Community Room Reservation Form

Before completing the reservation form, read the policies and contact City Hall to verify the date you want for your event is available. Fees are dependent on the date and time the event is held and whether or not the applicant is a Westwood Resident.

  Garage/Estate/Yard Sales Application

Yard sales, estate sales, auctions, sample sales, garage sales, and patio sales are permitted as an accessory use on any residentially or institutionally developed lot in any district.  Such sales may only be conducted by residents of the City of Westwood or their representatives and may take place only on the tract on which said resident actually resides or has resided.  A permit is mandatory on an individual basis, but is not needed to participate in the City's twice yearly garage sales, which are held in May and September.

There are no fees involved for a garage sale permit. 

  POD/Dumpster Application

To apply for a POD/Dumpster permit please complete the On-line Application Form

The use and placement of Portable On Demand Storage units (PODs), roll-off dumpsters, portable toilets, storage trailers, and other temporary facilities on a property in Westwood is permitted only for a maximum period of 30 consecutive days.  Extensions can be granted upon a showing of reasonable necessity.

A POD/Dumpster permit is required for the placement of a POD or dumpster on your property or in your driveway for an extended period of time that is not associated with a construction project that has been issued a valid building permit.

If you have any questions you may contact staff at City Hall at (913) 362-1550 or by email.

  Rights-of-Way Permits

Information about working and excavating in and on the streets and right-of-way in Westwood.  
Forms included for:
  • Driveway Approach Permit Application,
  • Right-of-Way Excavation Permit Application (Individual and Multiple Sites),
  • Routine Maintenance Disruption/Obstruction Annual Permit Application,
  • Dumpster Placement Permit Application (ROW),
  • Oversize/Overweight Loads Permit Application, and
  • Hauling Permit Application.

  Massage Therapist License Application

All massage therapist applications are reviewed by City Council prior to the license being issued.  The Council meets monthly on the second Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at the Westwood City Hall.

  Occupation/Business License Application

Business licenses expire yearly on January 15th,  License issued in 2013 will expire January 15, 2014.  Use the attached form to renew or apply for a new license in 2014.

  Pet License Application

All licenses renew on the January 15th of each year, the renewal fee is $3.00 for spayed and neutered pets or $5.00 for pets not neutered or spayed.

  Rental License Application

All homes or rooms offered for rent in Westwood are subject to a yearly inspection and fee of $30.00.  Rental licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed annually.  The ordinance pertaining to rental homes or rooms is attached, as well as the rental license application.

  Request for Public Record Inspection or Copy

An open and transparent government is essential to the democratic process. The City of Westwood is dedicated to making local government more accessible to the public.  Under Kansas law, citizens have the right to access public records and observe many meetings where decisions are made that affect the community.

The Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) K.S.A. 45-215 et seq. and the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KOMA) K.S.A. 75-4317 et seq. dictate what meetings and records are open to the public.

  Solicitation Permit Application

It is the purpose of the solicitation ordinance and application to protect the general public against crimes, frauds and misrepresentation committed by persons posing as solicitors, guard against the continuing danger of fraud, robbery and other crimes to the residents of the city and regulate undue annoyances caused by solicitors. Please read the ordinance carefully and answer all the questions on the application.  Applications must be brought personally to City Hall by each person seeking to solicit in the City of Westwood.  Background checks are done prior to permits being issued. Currently no fee is involved to obtain a solicitation permit.

  House Watch Submission Form

The Westwood Public Safety Department can help monitor your property while you are out of town. To begin this service, complete and submit our online form at least two business days before you depart.  As calls for service allow, a Public Safety Officer will check your home. If you have any questions about this service you may contact the Public Safety office at (913) 362-3737


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