The City of Westwood, Kansas 

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March 13, 2014 City Council meeting

PDF of Agenda Items - Bottom of Web Page

Regular City Council Meeting
4700 Rainbow Boulevard

March 13, 2014 - 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to Order – Mayor John Yé

II. Approval of Meeting Minutes
   A.    February 13, 2014 City Council Meeting

III. City Treasurer’s Report – Charles Mills
   A.    Approval of Financial Statement – February 2014
   B.    Appropriation Ordinance #639
   C.    Encumbrances
   D.    Westwood Foundation Financial Statements – Feb 2014

IV. Comment on Non-Agenda Items

V. City Attorney Report – City Attorney Ryan Denk
    A.    Consider approval of an ordinance for the financing and acquisition of 5050 Rainbow Blvd.
          •    Site Lease
          •    Taxable Lease Purchase Agreement
    B.    Consider approval of an ordinance for TIF and CID Bonds for Woodside Village project.
          •    Bond Trust Indenture

VI. Administrative
    A.    City of Westwood Insurance Renewal
    B.    FY 2014 Message Therapy Establishment & Therapist renewals
    C.    Appeal of Westwood’s stormwater utility fee calculation:
          •    2900 W. 51st Ter
          •    2106 W. 48th Street
          •    3009 W. 51st Street

VII. Police/Court Report – Chief Greg O'Halloran

VIII. Public Works Report – Public Works Director John Sullivan
      A.    2015 – 2019 County Assistance Road System Program (CARS) within the City of Westwood.
IX. Administration Report – City Clerk Fred Sherman

X. Committee Reports
     A.    Administration & Compensation Committee Report - Councilmember Matt Jones
     B.    Business & Community Affairs Committee Report – Cami Savage
     C.    Public Safety Committee Report – Councilmember Paul Day
     D.    Public Works Committee Report – Councilmember Joe Kordalski
     E.    Parks & Recreation Committee Report – Councilmember Steve Stubbers
     F.    Mayor’s Report – Mayor John Yé

XI. Adjournment

4700 Rainbow Boulevard Westwood, Kansas 66205 (913) 362-1550