The City of Westwood, Kansas 

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A 10% Population Increase For Westwood Based On Updated Estimates

All northeast Johnson County municipalities have larger population estimates since 2010

New revised population estimates released on May 25, 2017 from the Census Bureau reports that Westwood’s July 1, 2016 population stands at 1,658 people. That’s an increase of 152, or 10% over the town’s 2010 population count of 1,506.

To produce population estimates for cities and towns, the Census Bureau first generates county population estimates using a component of population change method, which updates the latest census population using data on births, deaths, and domestic and international migration. This yields a county-level total of the population living in households. Next, updated housing unit estimates and rates of overall occupancy are used to distribute county household population into geographic areas within the county.

In May of 2016, the Census Bureau reported a July 1, 2015 estimated population for Westwood of 1,719 people.  The population estimates for cities and counties are revised each year based on updated demographic data, housing unit estimates, and rates of occupancy.

All of the municipalities located in northeast Johnson County reflect larger estimated population totals since the last 2010 Census population count was taken. 

The Census Bureau's July 1, 2016 population estimate for all of Johnson County now stands at 584,451, an increase of over 40,000 from the 544,179 Census county-wide population count in 2010.

Census Bureau PopulationCount
Last Year's
 Fairway 3,882 3,9703,9613,972
 Merriam 11,003 11,28811,26011,245
 Mission 9,323 9,491 9,4699,443
 Mission Hills 3,498 3,601 3,5923,600
 Mission Woods 178 182 198198
 Prairie Village 21,447 21,87721,826 21,805
 Roeland Park 6,731 6,8276,811 6,786
 Westwood 1,506 1,7191,665 1,658
 Westwood Hills 359 364 394392
Johnson Co (total)544,179580,159578,758 584,451



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