The City of Westwood, Kansas 

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December 13 City Council Meeting

PDF of Agenda Items - Bottom of Web Page

Regular City Council Meeting
4700 Rainbow Boulevard
Westwood, Kansas 66205
December 13, 2012

I.    Call to Order

II.    Approval of Meeting Minutes
    A.    November 8, 2012

III.    City Treasurer’s Report
    A.    Approval of Financial Statement – Nov 2012
    B.    Appropriation Ordinance #624
    C.    Encumbrances
    D.    Westwood Foundation Financial Statements – Oct & Nov 2012

IV.    Visitors

V.    Comment on Non-Agenda Items

VI.     City Attorney Report
    1.    Leasehold Mortgage Agreement for Woodside Health Club

VII.     Administration
    1.    Providing for the range of salaries and compensation for various city officers and employees for the City of Westwood for FY 2013.
    2.    Renewal of contracts with Westwood Hills and Mission Woods for Public Works Services.

VIII.      Police/Court Report

IX.    Public Works Report
    1.    Revisions to Chapter 8, Article 5. Refuse Disposal, Westwood Municipal Code

X.      Codes Enforcement/Building Codes Report
     1. Vacant city-owned parcel at NWC of 48th Street and State Line Road.

XI.    Committee Reports
  A.    Administration & Compensation Committee Report

  B.    Business & Community Affairs Committee Report

  C.    Public Safety Committee Report

  D.    Public Works Committee Report
      1.    Consider Adoption of a Multi-Jurisdictional Interlocal Agreement for Rock Creek Watershed Planning & Watershed Management Study

E.    Parks & Recreation Committee Report

F.    Mayor’s Report
   1.    Consolidated Fire District No. 2 Revenue Review Sub-committee report.
   2.    Codes staff position

XII.    Executive Session

XIII.    Adjournment

4700 Rainbow Boulevard Westwood, Kansas 66205 (913) 362-1550