The City of Westwood, Kansas 

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PDF of Agenda Items - Bottom of Web Page

Planning Commission Meeting
4700 Rainbow Boulevard
Westwood, Kansas 66205
Monday,  December 1, 2014

I. Call to order

II.    Discussion & Presentation - Woodside Village North Update
     •    Architectural and Site Modifications
     •    Proposed Street Light and other Rights-of-Way Improvements
     •    Permanent Cell Antenna Installation

III.    Discussion - Neighborhood Revitalization District and Plan for Westwood

IV.    Discussion - Adult Living Care Centers – Zoning Options

V.    Other Business

VI.    Adjournment
Attached Document or FileWoodside_Village_PCDec1 Updated Architectural Plans and Perspectives (6MB)
Attached Document or FileRight_of_Way_Plans Updated Civil Plan Sheet (2MB)
Attached Document or FileWVNLandscape Landscaping Improvements - July 2014 Construction Set (9MB)
Attached Document or FilePhotometric_Calculation_Plans Photometric Plans - Site and Street
Attached Document or FileWoodside_Village_CellAntenna Rooftop Cell Antenna Plans - Woodside Village North (5MB)
Attached Document or FileNeighborhood_Revitalization_Data Summary data and maps showing Westwood construction trends
Attached Document or FileAdultCareZoning Memo on zoning options for Adult Care facitlities
4700 Rainbow Boulevard Westwood, Kansas 66205 (913) 362-1550