The City of Westwood, Kansas 

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WCA Disposal Guidelines

Residential trash service for the City of Westwood is provided by Waste Corporate of America (WCA).


Phone:  (816) 380-5595

If you have a question or issue, or to request services from WCA - Click Here

Collection Day

The pick-up day for Westwood is Wednesday of every week.

Proper positioning of the carts and waste items is important to ensure that your trash and recyclables will be picked up.  Please take note of these best practices:

  • Have your carts at the curb by 7:00 am on Wednesday. 
  • Ensure the arrows on the carts are pointing to the street, with the lid hinge toward your house.
  • Place carts within 3-feet of the curb. Please do not place carts in the street or block sidewalks.
  • Leave 3-feet of space between the cart and other objects such as utility poles, fire hydrants, trees, mailboxes, and parked cars.

Solid Waste (Trash) Disposal Guidelines

A 65-gallon cart is provided to each residence in Westwood for trash service.  Each residence is limited to 96 gallons of free trash pick up each week.

If you need a replacement cart or would like a smaller trash cart, Click Here to request one from WCA.  Cart exchanges are free, limited to an exchange per residence annually.

Trash that does not fit into the cart should be placed in trash bags no larger than 30-gallons in size.  WCA will collect one additional 30-gallon bag of solid waste that is not able to be placed in the 65-gallon cart at no additional cost each week.

Additional bags of trash beyond the 96-gallon limit will require the purchase of a $1.25 Bag Tag. These tags may be purchased at Westwood City Hall or at Hen House in Fairway.

Recycling Guidelines

Use the WCA recycle cart with a Blue lid for recycling services.

There is no limit on the amount of recycling that can be collected per residence per week. Additional materials for recycling that do not fit into the container may be placed in a paper bag or other contain marked "Recycling", and placed adjacent to the container provided.  No glass jars or glass bottles will be collected.

Recycling Information Sheet

For additional guidelines on recycling click HERE

Bulk Item Collection

Bulk items can be placed out on any Wednesday, up to 2-items per household per month. Click Here to contact WCA about picking up bulk items before each Wednesday service day.

Bulk items include items such as furniture, beds, chairs, mattresses, box springs and tubs. This does not include White Goods.

Amnesty Days

The Wednesday after Memorial Day and the Wednesday after Christmas - Westwood residents will be able to exceed the normal 96-gallon limit of solid waste pick-up without having to purchase extra bag tags. Please note that Amnesty Days do not apply to Bulk Items pick-up.

White Goods Collection

WCA will collect White Goods items by appointment only, for an additional charge to be billed by WCA separately to the residence. White Goods are appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers and water heaters. To make an appointment Click Here or contact WCA at (816) 380-5595.
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