Joe D. Dennis Park

The fountain at Joe D. Dennis Park

The Joe D. Dennis Park is located at the southwest corner of 50th & Rainbow Boulevard in Westwood, Kansas.

Originally developed in 1973, the park was formally dedicated on July 3, 2002 to the late Joe D. Dennis, who was Mayor of Westwood from 1965 until 1984.  Residents continue to enjoy the many benefits of his vision, courage, dedication, and resourcefulness brought to the City of Westwood. 

 The park amenities are available on a first come, first served basis. When using the park, please follow these guidelines:

  • Tennis court time limits are 45 minutes for singles and 60 minutes for doubles
  • Bicycles or skateboards are not allowed inside the parks or public grounds
  • Alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverages are not allowed inside the park
  • Please refrain from swimming or wading in the park fountain
  • All trash, bottles, or debris should be placed in trash containers
  • Excessive noise will not be tolerated, especially in the evening hours that may disturb neighboring residents
  • Please refrain from climbing the park's trees.