Westwood Leaf Pick-up Program


Public Works personnel will begin the final leaf pickup pass through Westwood on Monday, November 28th. Public Works personnel will begin collecting leaves through the city starting at 51st Terrace and Mission Road and will work their way north and east to the city boundary at 47th Terrace and State Line road. The final pass through the city will take multiple days, but once Public Works personnel have serviced your property, they will not return in 2022.

Leaf collection status updates

At the end of each business day, a map will be posted at the link above to illustrate where leaf pickup operations have occurred that day.



To ensure the collection of your leaves, please follow the guidelines below:

  • No sticks or trash - only leaves. Piles containing an abundance of sticks will be left until the sticks are removed
  • Rake leaves into as narrow  a pile as possible
  • Rake just to the curb or edge of the sidewalk, not onto the sidewalk which forces pedestrians into the street, and not into the streets or gutters.
  • Leaf piles further than 8 feet from the back of the curb cannot be collected by the leaf pickup equipment.
  • Please avoid raking the leaf piles directly under low hanging trees, leaf collection equipment gets tangled in the low overhanging limbs. A minimum of 14 feet in height, from the ground to the lowest limb, is needed to operate the equipment. If this condition is found to exist, your leaves will be left until the pile is moved to a location that is accessible
  • Do not park your vehicle in front of your leaf piles
    After the final pass through the city Westwood staff will sweep the streets and gutter lines a final time. Residents may still use GFL's yard waste program by bagging leaves in paper bags or rigid containers designated for yard waste. Yard waste collection runs year round, and there is no limit on the amount of yard waste that can be collected on a Wednesday per residence per week by GFL.