What Are The Needs?

The full list of projects is known as the Capital Improvements Plan (or CIP).

The CIP includes these needed street and storm water projects:

Priority Streets

Estimated Construction Costs

Booth St. (50th St. to 49th Ter)


Adams St. (50th St. to 48th Ter)


49th Terrace (Belinder to Adams)


49th Terrace (Mission to Belinder)


49th St. (Adams to Rainbow)


50th Terrace (Belinder to Mission)


Streets Subtotal: 



Priority Storm Water Projects

Estimated Construction Costs

Adams St. Near 49th St.


50th St. to 51st St.


Belinder Ct. and 48th Ter


Storm Water Subtotal:



Future Street Needs

Estimated Construction Costs

48th St. (Mission to Belinder)


48th St. (Rainbow to State Line)


47th Ter (Rainbow to State Line)


48th Terrace (Mission Rd. to End)


50th St. (Rainbow to Mission)


47th Terrace (Mission to Belinder)


Future Street Needs Subtotal:


What Does Storm Water Improvements Include?



Storm water improvements include curb and gutter, curb inlets (where water enters the system), and the necessary underground piping system.

Many of the needed street projects were initially constructed without any underground storm water systems.  New storm water infrastructure will be added on several Westwood street projects, in addition to other needed drainage areas where the existing piping systems are old and deteriorating.

What Is Street Reconstruction?

Broken street

Streets in need of repair have telltale signs that reveal their need for attention. Although what's happening below the street surface may not be visible, aging pavement will determine what's happening below the pavement surface. Over time, as the pavement surface loses flexibility, small cracks appear. Over the 50-year expected life-span of a street, the cracks worsen and move into the pavement sub-grade, which requires costly street reconstruction.

Most of the street repair projects that have been completed in Westwood in the recent past have been mill-and-overlay street projects, where only the top surface area of the street is shaved off, and a new asphalt driving surface is applied.

Many of the needed remaining street projects for Westwood will require a complete rebuilding of the subgrade, asphalt base and surface course of asphalt - not just a simple repair or overlay. These types of projects are more expensive to complete.