Master Plan Steering Committee

Mayor John Yé has appointed a 15-member Steering Committee for the Westwood Master Plan process. 

The Steering Committee’s mission is to develop consensus around a comprehensive strategy for Westwood’s future. Serving alongside the consultant, they will engage the public and community seeking input, culminating in a  new Master Plan for the City of Westwood. The Steering Committee will assist in the development of the Master Plan working with Shockey Consultant Services LLC; the consultant selected to help prepare the Master Plan.

Summary notes of Steering Committee meetings are posted at the bottom of this web page.

The desired outcomes for this planning process for the city include:

  • Establishing a shared community vision for the future of Westwood;
  • Creating an overall blueprint including goals, strategies & implementation steps;
  • Setting short-term priorities with the Governing Body that drive decisions about budget, capital outlay, financial policies and operations;
  • Developing a Comprehensive Plan that meets the requirements of state statute while defining a process for making future development decisions.

The members of the Steering Committee were selected based on their ability to be productive, optimistic, open and collaborative.  All have the ability to compassionately work as a team for the betterment of the entire Westwood community while reflecting the broad interests of all residents, businesses, workers and patrons that live, work, shop, and visit the City of Westwood.

Master Plan Steering Committee

Name                        Affiliation

  • Jason Hannaman         City Council
  • Lisa Cummins              City Council
  • Jeff Wright                  KU Cancer Center
  • Blair Tanner                 Woodside Village / Woodside Health Club
  • Kevin Breer                 Planning Commission
  • Chris Ross                  Planning Commission
  • Rob Junk                    Planning Commission
  • Kumud Pyakuryal        Westwood Foundation
  • Colt McArthur              47th St & Mission Rd Committee
  • Justin Bridges             47th St & Mission Rd Committee
  • Dr. Rick Atha              Shawnee Mission School District
  • Kaye Johnston            Westwood Resident
  • David Buck                 Westwood Resident
  • Valerie Morrill              Westwood Resident
  • Jeff Harris                    Westwood Resident