City Facilities Assessment and Feasibility Analysis

In September 2021, the Governing Body held a work session to discuss a plan of action for determining the future of multiple parcels of public land in Westwood. As a result of that work session the following plan achieved consensus from the Governing Body and provided direction to staff to execute:

  1. Engage the Urban Land Institute to conduct a follow-up [to the 2015] Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) to: (a) evaluate highest and best use for the corners of 47th & Rainbow and 50th & Rainbow Blvd. to maximize long-term economic and social impact for the community, (b) recommend the best location of municipal facilities, and (c) recommend ways in which Westwood could further the objectives of providing quality accessible and affordable housing. This was conducted and concluded in Fall 2021.
  1. Conduct a City facilities analysis of existing buildings, including an assessment and cost estimate of deferred maintenance and optimal site selection, if different from the current location of City facilities. This was conducted and concluded in Summer of 2022, with a report and presentation to the City Council on September 8, 2022. 
  1. Reconvene at the conclusion of the City facilities analysis in the Fall of 2022 to determine strategic direction for the southwest corner of 50th & Rainbow and the southwest corner of 47th & Rainbow, as well as investments to City facilities. The City Council conducted a month-long public comment period following the consultant's presentation and then discussed the results of the process at its November 10, 2022 regular meeting.
  1. Execute the plan of action, possibly including issuing RFP’s for private development opportunities.

To carry out the facilities analysis, the Mayor convened a steering committee of eight (8) individuals to:

  1. Review and approve a study scope and Request for Qualifications (RFQ), as prepared by City staff;

  2. Serve on the professional services firm interview and selection committee; and

  3. Guide the work of the retained professional services firm and provide input on their questions throughout the study period.

Facilities Assessment Steering Committee Members

  • Westwood Mayor – David Waters
  • Westwood City Council – Holly Wimer
  • Westwood Planning Commission – David Kelman
  • Westwood Foundation – Sean O’Brien
  • Westwood community at-large – Lisa Fielden
  • Westwood City Administration – Leslie Herring
  • Westwood Police – Chief Curt Mansell
  • Westwood Public Works – Director John Sullivan

In total, eight (8) responses to the RFQ were received and four (4) teams were interviewed. The entire process was conducted in a manner that encouraged competitive bidding, certainty and transparency, and structured analysis of each team’s qualifications, experience, and approach to the objectives of the project. Ultimately, the steering committee recommended Multistudio (fka Gould Evans) to the City Council for consideration of an agreement to perform the work to achieve the Governing Body’s stated objective in the adopted plan of action and to build upon the work of the 2015 ULI TAP, the 2017 Master Plan, and the 2021 ULI TAP.

Facilities Study Timeline

  • May 11 – Professional Services Agreement execution
  • May 26 – Study process kick-off meeting with steering committee
  • June 3 - 8 – Site evaluations and staff and steering committee interviews
  • June 23 – Steering committee progress check-in with consultant team
  • July 13 – Public information session and conversation 6 PM at Westwood City Hall (RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE)
  • Early August – Steering committee progress check-in with consultant team
  • September 8 – Consultant presentation of final assessment and findings to Governing Body and public (RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE)
  • October 10 – Final report issued by consultant team for distribution to public and posting on website (FINAL REPORT AVAILABLE HERE)