Westwood Comprehensive Plan

The City of Westwood has engaged Shockey Consulting Services, LLC to provide professional master planning services to assist the City in the adoption of a new Master Plan.

The plan, through its development, adoption, and implementation, will focus on establishing a clear vision for the future of Westwood and appropriate goals, strategies, and other activities to achieve that vision. 

This planning project for the City will address the following tasks:

  • Engage the community and stakeholders through a dynamic and compelling outreach strategy that includes both residents and the business community.
  • Establish a clear vision, shared by the Governing Body and the community’s residents and other stakeholders for the future of Westwood;
  • Incorporate a short-term Strategic Plan element to assist the Governing Body in its efforts to allocate city resources. As such, the plan will serve as a guide when developing the city’s annual budget, considering contracts, capital outlays, staffing levels, and other expenditures.
  • Satisfy the requirements of K.S.A. 12-747 for adoption of a long-term Comprehensive Plan.