Communities for All Ages Initiative


The KC Communities for All Ages Recognition Program was created by the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) to recognize communities that take steps to be more improve quality of life for residents of all ages while becoming more vibrant, healthy, and prosperous. Through this program, city and civic leaders will identify and act upon issues and opportunities concerning the aging adult population. We recognize the intrinsic value of the older generation, respect their wisdom and insight, and look to involve them in creating a high standard of living in the community they live. The City of Westwood is proud to be working with KC Communities for All Ages to pursue Bronze level recognition in 2022, with the goal of pursuing both Silver and Gold recognition in 2023. 

An age-friendly community is a great place to grow up and grow old. As America’s population ages, experts believe the most successful and vibrant communities will be those that are age-friendly. These communities allow for greater mobility, productivity, and optimal health and well-being. For more information about how a community can be one for all ages, check out the following resources provided by MARC:



Pursuing Bronze Recognition (2022)

Last year, the City of Westwood worked to:

Inform residents about our work toward becoming a Community for All Ages by:
    » Making available information on this webpage; 
    » and Making available written materials at City Hall

Survey residents to gather baseline information on the community's perceptions about how age-friendly Westwood is currently. The survey closed Friday, August 5, 2022 and results were presented on August 11th in the presentation linked below.

Host a presentation by MARC on the Communities for All Ages program and discuss the findings of the community survey. This presentation took place at the regular August City Council meeting, on August 11th.

Host a community meeting to discuss the age-friendliness of Westwood. Held on October 8, 2022.

Adopt a resolution of the Governing Body to be a community for all ages. This action took place at the regular October City Council meeting, on October 13th. Council Resolution 111-2022

The City of Westwood was officially awarded our Certificate of Recognition as a Bronze Level Community for All Ages at the January 12, 2023 regular City Council meeting. 


Pursuing Silver and Gold Recognition (2023)

Throughout 2023, the City will work with MARC following recognition at the Bronze level to create a plan of action for assessing existing conditions and implementing a strategic action plan based upon the work performed.

The Silver Level recognition involves conducting a self-assessment of Westwood's existing conditions on a variety of measures relating to our City’s friendliness to the very young, very old, and everyone in between. To do this work, MARC and Westwood staff are facilitating a task force of Westwood residents to review and evaluate the community's current levels of age-friendliness. Task force meetings will take place from January - March 2023 and will cover the following topics:

  • Public outdoor spaces and buildings;
  • Housing and commercial development;
  • Transportation and mobility;
  • Social inclusion, communication, and participation & civic participation and employment; and
  • Community and health services.

Following the task force's assessment, MARC staff will create a report to be shared with the task force and community at-large and the City of Westwood will apply for Silver Level recognition in spring 2023.

Gold Level recognition - the action planning phase of the process - is anticipated to take place following completion of the Silver Level phase.