House Watch Request Form

The House Watch Program provides a valuable service to residents as they finalize their vacation plans. The Westwood Police Department will make periodic checks, usually on a multi-shift basis, of the respective properties that are registered in the House Watch Program. In the event that a situation does arise involving a particular property, all appropriate and necessary action will be taken.

Phone Number
Please list only animals that are staying home while you are away. Please specify the type of animal, where they are located at your home, and the name and relationship of the person or people caring for them in your absence.
Please list only the vehicles that will be left at your home while you are away. Please list the make, model, and color of any and all vehicles we expect to see at your home while you are on your trip.
Please let us know if you plan to leave lights on in your home. If so, what windows/rooms will have lights left on?
Are you expecting any workers to be coming or going from your home while you are away? If so, from what companies or field(s)? What dates or hours would you expect them to be at your home?
Please let us know if you have security cameras monitoring your home or any alarms active. If so, what alarm company do you use and what's their phone number?
Emergency Contact
Does your named emergency contact have a key or the ability to access your home?
Have you suspended your mail or do you have someone coming to pick-up your mail and deliveries while you're away?
Is there anything else that we should know?