Recycling Guidelines


Use the WCA 65-gallon recycle cart with a Blue lid for recycling services.

There is no limit on the amount of recycling that can be collected per residence per week. Additional or overflow materials for recycling that do not fit into the recycle cart may be placed in a paper bag or other contain marked "Recycling" placed adjacent to the container provided.  No glass jars or glass bottles will be collected.

Recycling Information Sheet

Acceptable Commingled recycling materials:


Newspaper (no plastic rain bags), catalogs, telephone books, junk mail, manila folders, advertising inserts, office paper, magazines, brochures, corrugated cardboard, carrier stock (cardboard soft drink & beer cartons), chipboard (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.), paper/hardback books, cardboard egg cartons, pizza boxes (NO FOOD), Shredded Paper (in paper bags)    


 #1- PET Plastic Containers, #2 -HDPE Plastic Containers - opaque or most clear beverage bottles with lids  and “cloudy” bottles for milk with lids, #3 - PVC, #4-LDPE, #5-PP, #6-PS (NO STYROFOAM), #7-OTHER, aluminum cans, steel (tin) food & beverage cans

All containers must be rinsed and contain no food. All lids and rings must be removed from all bottles.

Recycle Guide

Unacceptable materials include:

Styrofoam, plastic bags, gift wrap, blueprints, hanging file folders, aseptic containers, paper cups, paper plates, tissue paper, paper towels, photographs, pet food bags, fertilizer bags, charcoal bags, kitty litter bags, plastic containers that contained oil, antifreeze, etc.

No household hazardous material and automotive product containers. Visit the Johnson County Environmental Division website for more information on how to properly dispose of these materials. 

No glass jars or bottles will be collected.  However - a Westwood home-based business offers a fee-based curb-side glass recycling option in the northeast Johnson County area and beyond.  Visit the GlassBandit LLC website for more information.

Visit the Ripple Glass website for additional information on glass recycling in the Kansas City metro area.