Block Parties

The City of Westwood supports and encourages socialization amongst neighbors and recognizes that our tight-knit neighborhoods and blocks are one of our most important community assets. To further support positive, memorable interactions amongst neighbors, the City provides residents the opportunity to host block parties. 

To close or barricade the street to host a block party requires administrative review and approval. An request may be submitted either by completing this form and emailing or bringing it into City Hall.

The block party request form, including the Neighbor Petition, should be submitted to Westwood City Hall either in person at 4700 Rainbow Blvd, Westwood, KS 66205 or via email at info [at] at least five (5) days prior to a planned block party.

Any questions or concerns regarding block parties should be directed to the Westwood City Hall via email or by phone at 913-362-1550.

General Guidelines

  • A block party/street closure will be allowed only after the organizer completes a request form and the City of Westwood reviews and approves the request by way of issuing a permit to the organizer.
  • A block party/street closure shall not exceed the length of one block, intersection to intersection.
  • A signed petition by all residents located within the area to be blocked off for the party/street closure is required. All addresses of homes to be enclosed by the barricades must be listed. For vacant homes, note "Vacant" in the signature field.
  • A block party/street closure will be allowed only on residential streets (i.e. the following non-residential streets are ineligible: Mission Rd., Belinder Ave., Rainbow Blvd., State Line Rd., Shawnee Mission Pkwy., and 47th St.).
  • Any given block is permitted up to two (2) block parties/street closures each calendar year.
  • Due to limited staff capacity and equipment, no more than two (2) block parties/street closures are permitted in any given weekend. Block party/street closure permits will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis once all request materials are received by the City and are approved.
  • The block party/street closure organizer must notify the Johnson County Emergency Communication Center, (913) 432-1717, of the party/closure location, date, and time at least 48 hours prior to the block party/street closure.
  • City staff will deliver the barricades on the Friday preceding the event date.
  • Barricades are to be positioned at each end of the street so as to provide adequate warning and notice to motorists that the street is blocked off.
  • Barricades should be positioned as illustrated on the Neighbor Petition to allow access for a vehicle to get by, in case of an emergency.
  • In case of emergency, no tents, play structures (i.e. bounce houses), nor other items requiring time and effort to move are permitted in the street.
  • Applicant or designees are responsible for monitoring the barricades and ensuring they remain in proper position at all times the street is closed.
  • The applicant is responsible for ensuring the street and sidewalks where the block party/street closure is held be completely cleaned of trash and remnants when the barricades are removed.
  • The applicant and all participants have a responsibility to follow proper social/physical distancing practices when and as recommended by prevailing health officials.
  • Block party/street closure organizers should be familiar with the following City ordinances: