Snow Removal Information

snow plow

Snow Removal Standards

Only a salt mixture is applied to the primary routes and hills, curves, and approximately 60 feet from intersections with light accumulation of snow. 

With an accumulation of about 2" of snow, Westwood Public Works staff begins plowing, concentrating on the primary routes until the snow fall has stopped or the accumulation reaches 6".

If snow has reached 6" and is still falling, staff will plow two passes down each secondary route.  Once the snow has ended, the primary routes are plowed once more and then plow the secondary routes full width.  At that time Westwood Public Works staff will treat the streets with de-icing or traction materials as needed.


Primary routes are:

  • Belinder Road
  • Mission Road
  • Rainbow Boulevard
  • State Line Road
  • 47th Place
  • 47th Street
  • 50th Street
  • 51st Terrace
  • All other streets are defined as secondary routes.

A Message from Chief Mansell

Whether you live or work in the City of Westwood, you are using the services of our Public Works Department daily. Some of the services Public Works provide are street repair and maintenance, traffic sign and signal maintenance, park mowing and maintenance, storm drainage, staffing after work hour events and clearing city streets, bike paths, parking lots and some of the sidewalks of snow.

With winter quickly approaching, our crews are inspecting and readying vehicles for plowing.  The City of Westwood snowplow drivers are trained professionals. These drivers are hardworking, safe, and reliable. They strive to keep your streets clear and travelable.

Many of Westwood streets are residential and can be somewhat narrow.  Parking along city streets make plowing efforts difficult.  Our drivers occasionally run into problems with on street parking. Because of this, I would like to take the time to remind you that Westwood has an overnight parking ordinance which restricts parking to two hours on the streets between 12am and 6am.  Additionally, we ask that during snow events you be cognizant things such as trash cans, recycle carts, basketball goals, etc. placed in the street rather than curbside or at the end of residential driveways.  Our drivers always stive to plow as close to the curb as possible but if parked cars or other objects are in the street, they must drive around them to avoid damage.

Additionally, for those with parking permits, when snow accumulation of two or more inches is expected, we ask you to try to park your vehicles in your driveway.

Our drivers can be plowing for up to 12 hours at a time and are called away from their families on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Please help show your appreciation by following city guidelines regarding on street parking and by exercising patience and understanding.