FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to sell something door-to-door?

Yes, Application

Read the ordinance to familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot do.  You should bring suitable identification (your drivers license or other state-issued ID) and a brochure and/or samples of the merchandise you will be selling.  A criminal background check will be performed.  Individuals who pass the background check are eligible to receive a permit. 

The permit is valid for the number of days requested in the application, not to exceed 90 consecutive days (permit is issued for 30 days at a time, renewable).  There is no charge for the application or the permit.

Would I be able to operate a business out of my home?

Your business must be of a service nature and must be clearly secondary to the main use of the premises as a dwelling place.  Your business must not change the character of or the appearance of the neighborhood with signs, material, equipment, noise, odor or other nuisance, or unusual pedestrian or vehicular traffic.  Furthermore, such home occupation shall be carried on by members of the family residing in the dwelling and no stock or commodities for sale may be kept on the premises.  For more information click here.