Right-of-Way Permits

A right-of-way permit is required for work or excavating within the city's public streets.  Some work activities require specific procedures to be followed and the necessary certificates of insurance (COI) and bond documents to be in place prior to beginning the work.
Westwood's Manual of Infrastructure Standards for Rights-of-Way outlines the procedures, requirements, restrictions, fees, and process for conducting different kinds of projects and work activity within or on the city's public streets.  
Chapter XIII - Public Rights-of-Way of the City Code for Westwood lists in Section 13-116 the requirements for Liability Insurance, and Performance and Maintenance Bonds for some work activities.
Please review the Manual and Chapter XIII to be aware of the insurance and bonding requirements for some work activities.

Necessary plans and documents need to be filed at Westwood City Hall with the appropriate application form for any work or activity in Westwood's streets.  Please contact Westwood staff with any questions.

Use the following links to apply for permits:


Driveway Approach